Friday, July 08, 2016

Little Summer JOY - Lesson 1, Part III

I'm loving these celebrations of little things. Although, I'm not sure this celebration qualifies as a little thing... This layout is about how we bought a boat this summer!

We live in a city with a lake, it actually is call "The City by the Lake." So we decided we'd gone long enough without a watercraft in the City by the Lake.

I really admire all the gorgeous layouts I'm seeing online. I particularly love the clean and simple layouts I see some creating. I just cannot seem to get myself to do it!

I see a traveler's notebook as a journal of sorts, and a journal is worthy of my handwritten documentation, no matter how messy. That, combined with the content I want to fit into this tiny vessel and the bright summer color palette I've chosen, means clean and simple is not in the cards for this summer project! So I've accepted it, moving on!

I'm not entirely sure where this adorable paper ephemera is from because I received it in a lovely prize pack from the Stick it Down blog. But, I sure am loving it in my Little Summer JOY book! It works perfectly.

I like to leave some of the little pieces in my book stick off the sides, for a nice, full, chunky look at the end of the book.

Thanks for looking, and it's never too late to start creating along at Little Paper Projects with the Little Summer JOY project.

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