Tuesday, January 12, 2010

inspired to blog...

note to self: quit being the world's most sporatic blogger eva. just drink more water and eat less, it's not that frickin' hard of a concept to grasp.

note about life: sweet husband struck today with a suprise dry-cleaning of distraught cream coat covered with Christmas coffee. (what an alliterative accident!) super sweet and makes for a happy wife with one less thing to do before excessivly long and cold work training trip to Baltimore in t-minus 2 weeks from today. ahhh the simple things. also, i figure since i'm bullying my journalist friend to blog, i might as well set a good example. i always did want to be a writer as a girl and it's always been a sort of strong suit with me in school. the hard part will be keeping enough interesting things to blog about.
such as how (i feel as though) i'm the only one my age without a stinkin kid or who isn't prego! but that is ok. i don't want to be right now. eventually i will be and it'll be great and good. but for now i will focus on my career and travel and just being with my husband in our lovely home (which is almost complete! pending master bathroom overhaul). i mean i currently have/do everything i've pretty much ever wanted so why not be content with this?? i am. plus i am NOT the only one with out a child, silly dilly.
two spaces after a period, but with no attention to punctuation. it's my blog and i'll be as gramatically picky as i desire.

note to you: check out the following because they will make you smile.
<3 & jajajajajaja.

man, i hope i did that html right... it's been so long!!