Friday, July 01, 2016

Little Summer JOY 2016 - the beginning

Happy July everyone!

Today is the day - the start of Little Summer JOY 2016 & I'm so excited!

This is my first time participating in this project, but I'm no stranger to scrapbooking, documenting, traveler's notebooks or mini albums. So, when I recently discovered Little Paper Projects, I knew this project was something with which I wanted to participate.

Not only am I participating, but I'm blessed enough to have an opportunity to be a contributor! I'm thrilled to be a part of this class & I really pray that what I have to offer will be inspiring and helpful for all participants.

**shameless plug**
It's not to late to sign up! Click here to do so & join us! Click through my last few blog posts to hear what the class is all about and the difference between the paid class, and the free version.
**plug end**

So for today, the first day of the #LittleSummerJOY project, I want to share my first few pages of my traveler's notebooks. (yes, plural)

First, I have the covers of LSJ Parts 1 & 2. I've shared them before, but I'm still not tired of them, so sorrynotsorry.

Be a flamingo, friends.

Next is my opening page. I love the idea of magical things. I want everything to be magical and sparkly, so I try to include some whenever I can.

I've left the next opening fairly blank except this joy stamp. You can find a rough index of a LSJ traveler's notebook set up here, so I guess you can consider this my inspiration/quote page? I won't need an index.

And lastly, for today, we have my Summer Manifesto. I LOVE the idea of a summer manifesto, essentially a summer to-do list. It makes me slow down and think about deliberately doing magical, summery things with myself, my husband and my children. I wanted the page to be a little more me, so I went my own route outside of the class offered printable. Although it is still very reminiscent of the printable. I just put tiny washi down for each to do title, then listed my tasks under the labels in a bright, summery pink. The stamped title was fun to make!

And there you have it, the very beginning of what is sure to be a super fun summer project and forever momento of this time in our lives. I hope you all will participate with me. You can make your book as simple or as intricate as possible. You can include oodles of writing and drawings and minimal photos. You can put all photos with one line captions. You can do WHATEVER you want! That's the beauty of this class. So many people will participate and receive the same lessons and prompts, but the interpretation of each and every one will be different and beautiful. OHHH I can't wait!

Thanks for looking!

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