Friday, June 24, 2016

Bright Mini Album for the Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop!

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for hopping over to my blog. You should have arrived here from Elaine's blog.

Today I have a fun project I created with my Counterfeit Kit, Colorful Love. I made a bright, colorful mini album with instax I took at my cousin's wedding. We had a super great time, and the ground of the location were beautiful (although it was HOT!) and I snapped a few great shots with my instax. I thought a mini album is a perfect way to show off these tiny prints.

For this album I did not want to adhere any paper to the tag base of my album. I wanted to use all washi tape, stamps and ephemera.

This first spread is my son, who was the ring bear. He's holding a stick & said he's Harry Potter. Haha!

I have to say, the instax has never disappointed me on the selfie-taking!

I made these super fun washi feathers from a video I saw on pinterest. They were super easy to make. Won't be surprised if they crop up again in other work!

The wedding venue had a lovely garden & those Maggie Holmes flower ephemera were just perfect!

The dark tent and far away seat did not for a great instax shot make, but you can see the most important thing, the bride! Here they are having their first dance.

I did use a cricut cut from paper for the final page, just because I had the perfect ending, "Happily Ever After!"

Thanks for looking at my work, and make sure to join along at the counterfeit kit club challenge next month!

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Have a great day!


  1. Such a pretty mini-album :)
    i love the flowers specially..

  2. Oh this is super pretty! I love mini albums - especially for instax photos, love what you did! Love all the elements about it.

  3. Awww that sure is cool :) so pretty and some great pics too

  4. What a cool idea! My daughter got an Instax camera for Christmas but she's hoarding the film - I should show her this idea, maybe she'll let me play!

    1. Ha! Make sure you buy film on amazon or somewhere like that - it's much cheaper.

  5. An amazing wee book - what a great souvenier of a happy day.

  6. FAB little gem of a mini! A really great way to have a play & document those occassions. Very creative!

  7. Great little cool to use up your stash that way

  8. This is such a nice memento of a special day! Great colors and photos - I never have much luck taking instax photos so if you have any tips, I'd be interested to hear them.

    1. I do not know that I'm super great at it yet either! I have learned that if it's remotely dark you need to press the L+ or L++. But also, you can make it too light... We're so spoiled at instantly seeing our photos and adjusting that it's hard when you only have "one shot!"

  9. Love this mini-album--especially the washi feathers!

  10. Such a sweet project - love it.

  11. I agree with you on the selfies - my feeling is that the Instax is very flattering and seemed to take pounds off my face ha ha! Great mini! sorry I'm so late getting around to this - it's super sweet and a great way to use those mini instax prints...