Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mi clase de cocina

Today I had my cooking class. So apparently last week’s teacher was just a substitute because our real teacher, the one we had this week, was on vacation. So this class was a little more organized and we got enough food to make us satisfechas (full of food).

We made cheese enchiladas. They were pretty simple, but I have no clue where I’d ever buy the chilis’s to make the sauce. I will also have to modify the recipe because the cheese that they use here is called “ranchero” and basically it tastes like it’s gone bad, so I will just use my own, tasty cheese, and maybe add some chicken or something.

So anyways! We blended these dried, really hot chili peppers with water after we took all of the seeds out of them. Note: Don’t touch your eyes after touching these peppers, even if you wash them, they will still burn! I found that out the hard way!

Then we dipped the tortillas in the sauce and fried them.

Then we rolled them with cheese and onions, then we lightly fried potatoes and carrots and put them on top with some lettuce and sour cream! They were really pretty, and very tasty.

That’s all for that class.

I then went to my favorite – cafebarracafe – and got a cookies and cream milkshake of sorts, but I’m afraid that it made me sick! I won’t order that again. I used the internet there.

Then on Wednesday we did our laundry and I packed and got ready to go to Mexico City!!

Es todo para ahora, amigos! [That’s all for now, folks]

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