Friday, August 14, 2015

Back on the blogging wagon

I have had this little gem for a bit, ever since I traveled abroad during college & wanted a way to share my journey with my family and friends back home. It has been neglected for many reasons. The main reasons being time & lack of important things to say that could not fit into a short Instagram or twitter post. Oh & a toddler. It's hard to get much of anything done with those running around. (And somehow we thought it was a good idea to create another one!? Haha, j/k. I'm excited. And oh-so-ready for #2 to arrive.)

Well I've recently been super interested in other blogs & contemplating going out to be a design team member for some of my favorite products. From my research, a blog is a basic necessity for the design team member, so I'm relaunching! I hope to gain a few followers, to inspire & be inspired! I plan to use this blog now to post projects I've completed for myself and some for contests or whatever else fun inspiration I find online. The travel blog of yore must take a backseat since we do not travel as much due to the aforementioned little ones. However, I will be posting my scrapbook pages of the travels we do encounter, so it's a bit of a two birds, one stone scenario.

Thanks for reading!

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