Friday, October 07, 2016

Starting October Daily

Happy Friday, ghoulies!

Today I'm bringing you the very beginning of my October Daily album. I don't print photos at home, so I will be doing them in small batches and posting every few days.

I'm enjoying this project. My first few days were over a very busy weekend, so I have a LOT of photos for a few days, but it shouldn't be like that all the time.

Here's day 1 and 2!

I'm using a photo-a-day challenge with digital text, so I included that with a list of the monthly challenge. A while back I found these hard plastic smash book dividers at a discount store, so I cut one down (it was surprisingly easier than I thought!) and used it for my 5x7 photo. I put some trim on the divider tab with a few embellishments. These are the faces of pure joy after an amazing TN football win!

On the other side of the divider, I taped this Crate Paper glitter paper bag. I put a football and a banner on the outside. The inside contains an account of the amazing TN vs GA game from last weekend and our reactions to the Hail Mary victory! So fun.

Ha - Is is just me or do the rest of you have **tons** of pocket page cards and still end up making your own? On Saturdays we wear Orange - Mean Girls ref... and my two little Vols with their Kroger cookies samples. Good Saturday.

I used to LOVE playing with the LightBrite. My son found it at my parents' house & enjoyed it too. We celebrated the husband's and the bro's birthdays, and neither gave me a wonderful photo, so they get skulls!

On Saturday, we ended with the boys in the bounce house.

Day 2 - we had some family time & my cousin took these cute photos. I used a gold metallic glitter theme, and this might be my favorite page so far!

October is for BOOOOts (get it, the ghost?) and giving babies candy. I love a good, unplanned Sunday afternoon with my boys.

Our city does a fun thing where people paint rocks and hide them for kids to find. It's called Hendersonville Rocks. We found a strawberry rock at the local outdoor mall while we were strolling and riding trikes!

So far October is lovely. Looking forward to catching up on my days, and sharing more soon.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. This is awesome, Natalie! I can't wait to see more!