Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Eat Gator for Dinner

Yes, true dat. I am a loyal UT Volunteer. Our first night here on Amelia Island, we ate in the quaint downtown area of the city at a restaurant called The Crab Trap. We had Gator Bites – which were actually quite yummy. So yes, I come to Florida to eat Gator. Yum.

Ha, so anyway. The drive was actually not entirely horrible. Although I did wake at 4:30 and did not really snooze well the whole trip down, the drive did not seem to take too terribly long.

The Island is cute. Not a lot going on, but peaceful and not overcrowded. Our condo is really nice despite the fact that the old owners could have done with some interior decorating consultation.

The weather is great. Extremely hot, which will be good for when we make it to the beach tomorrow. Hopefully we will not burn. I’m excited about relaxing and laying out. Good books, photo opportunities, and a suntan - J. Sadly, I do miss my boyfriend though - L.

I was talking to him tonight. It’s funny how our families are so different. Vacations and trips for example. His family is very spur of the moment. If they feel like leaving early, they will leave early. Spur of the moment is good for the opposite end of the spectrum – feel like picking up and going somewhere, pick up and go! My family on the other hand is much more structured. Our vacations and most trips are planned out months in advance. So, I having been on both ends, can appreciate both approaches. I think that I have decided that spontaneous is more my style. Good for the soul, spontaneity is.

Well, on that somewhat philosophical note, I am going to curl up in the tacky, but charming condo and read a twisted V.C. Andrews novel.

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