Thursday, February 16, 2017

A new NATURE project

Hello friends!

Today I'm bringing you the beginning of a new project I am starting. I love to snap nature photos on our family hikes & I think my growing collection of them calls for their own album. So I'm choosing my favorite nature photos to include in a 6x8 mixed media album. Whenever I feel the urge to get messy, I'll get out a nature photo for my little album.

Here's my first layout!

This is one of my fave photos I've taken recently on a hike.  I found these little guys growing on an old picnic table.

My plan is to just put the place I found the photo & the month and year.

I've been researching my mixed media, and they use a lot of chipboard. I do not have a ton, and I've looked in my local stores, but couldn't find much either. But then I thought, why not use my cricut on some cardstock? So I did that here with the leaves and branches.

I used some brown ink to color some cheese cloth for more texture, as well as to color my woodgrain stencil.

There's cork paper under there too, as well as some corrogated cardboard. Who needs chipboard?

So far I'm with my little project, and can't wait to see what becomes of it! Thanks for looking!

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