Thursday, February 04, 2016

Real Talk: Thank God for memories

Do you ever get emotional while scrapbooking?

I do. It usually revolves around pictures of my sweet boys and realizing how much they've grown & aren't stopping!

Today it was for my grandmother. Times are hard for our family right now because her health is failing, and it's very sad.

But thank God for our good memories and documenting those memories. This is why I do what I do. We will always have something tangible to look back at and remember all the good times. I will have photos to back up the stories I tell my boys about things they never knew or don't remember.

I made this page today of the first time my grandmother met my new babe.


Scrapbooks don't have to be fancy. You don't have to decorate your pages. I make detailed scrapbook pages because it is my creative outlet & I enjoy it. But things like Project Life make "scrapbooking" so so so easy and available to everyone. Even just printing photos and putting them in album sleeves like people used to do so long ago! We should print our photos. Spend time as families looking at them and reliving our favorite times together. Teach our children about our history. Enjoy our memories!

Thanks for looking! Document your life!

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