Thursday, June 01, 2006

i pet a giraffe!

So we went to the Jacksonville Zoo today and I got to pet a giraffe! It's very exciting!

It was sooo pretty!

I really liked the koalas too . . .

This old monkey was sitting right up at his window and he was really lonely. I felt sorry for the poor thing. I played with him though.

The gorillas were fun too.

I must say though, it's about that time to be going home . . . .

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  1. I'm tryin to catch up on all ur blogs since I was gone for so long, so I've got the first one done, but now I have to go take a shower cause me & Le-uh are goin out to eat and then to a movie with everyone else but it sounds like ur havin a great time. I'm glad the roommate thing worked out for ya but you tell that chica that "natalia habla espanol solo con su amiga siobhan" and she better back if off..i mean its fine when ya'll need to but this practicin it in ur room stuff has to stop...i'll read the rest these later mk miss you pal! *Siobhan*